Do Wakesurf Shapers Work?

surfing a large wave

The picture above is quite awesome.

Are you going to get waves like this with your new wakesurf shaper?

Probably not.

For waves this big, you should consider research areas which have the biggest surf waves.

But if you’re on a lake, and you have a wake boarding boat, then I got news for you:

Yes, wakesurf shapers work. In fact, this article tells you all you need to know:

Bottom line: they work great.

The reason they are so well liked by consumers is because they’re convenient. No need to mess around with ballast and other tedious waves to create perfect waves for all your riders.

Not only are they convenient, but they’re also very good and cleaning up a wave, and really make a nice big wake. They work on almost all types of wakeboard boats as well.

Find more about wakeboard boats here:


Vegan Snacks for Hikers

Having good snacks can really make or break a hike.

It can make it awesome and enjoyable, or miserable. Especially as you start hiking for longer stretches of time and distances.

But the worse thing you can do is pack unhealthy snacks. Vegan, or plant based supplements and snacks are the best option, and the video above outlines a few useful things to consider for your next hike.