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Kalalau Trail to Hanakapiai Falls

*Click photos to enlarge*

hanaleivalley.jpg (74970 bytes)

Hanalei Valley

Hanalei Bay, North Shore

hanaleibay.jpg (92886 bytes)

keebeach.jpg (153393 bytes)

Kalalau Trail (begins at Kee Beach) Another view of Kee Beach from Kalalau Trail kalalautrailview.jpg (68392 bytes)

Views of Napali Coast looking SW

napalicoast1.jpg (95289 bytes)

napalicoast5.jpg (95778 bytes)

napalicoast7.jpg (120614 bytes)

napalicoast2.jpg (127463 bytes) Those with vertigo, beware!

Approaching Hanakapiai Beach, swimming not recommended

napalicoast4.jpg (136160 bytes)
hanakapiaibeach.jpg (175373 bytes) Hanakapiai Beach, (2 miles from trail head)

Hanakapiai stream, turning point to the Falls

hanakapiaistream.jpg (159567 bytes)

hanakapiaistream3.jpg (168625 bytes)

Hanakapiai stream near the Falls First view of Hanakapiai Falls (about 2 miles from the beach) hanakapiaifalls.jpg (213139 bytes)

300-ft Hanakapiai Falls

hanakapiaifalls0.jpg (187820 bytes) hanakapiaifalls1.jpg (207218 bytes) Unable to capture it all! hanakapiaifalls2.jpg (180081 bytes) hanakapiaifalls4.jpg (137909 bytes) hanakapiaifalls6.jpg (112098 bytes)

hanakapiaicouple2.jpg (106539 bytes)

Tucson couple behind the bottom portion of the Falls

Same couple romantically absorbing Hanakapiai Falls

hanakapiaicouple.jpg (197043 bytes)

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